Weekend Brunch

We open Saturday and Sunday at 11am for Weekend Brunch.

Annie’s Eggs in a Basket 7.5
our own pretzel with two baked eggs & bacon
add fennel sausage gravy 2

Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel with malted cream cheese drizzle 6

Shrimp & Grits 12
spicy house-made cheddar grits & shrimp
add a sunny side up egg 1

Eggs & Potatoes 9
two sunny side up eggs atop fingerling potato fries,
poblano peppers, red bell peppers & sweet onions

Breakfast Burger 9
1/2 lb. beef chuck, fried egg & bacon on a brioche bun with garlic maple
aïoli ~ served ala carte

Savory Bacon & Tomato Bread Pudding 11
served with Tillamook Cheddar & our fennel sausage gravy ~ Or without 8

AM Tacos 7.5
two flour tortilla tacos with scrambled eggs, Tillamook mild cheddar
& bacon or fennel sausage topped with cilantro & tomatillo-arbol salsa
Veggie- sub our sauteed poblano peppers, bell peppers, smoked mushrooms
& sweet onions 6

Pork & Eggs Pizza 12
four eggs scrambled and cooked atop the pie with
bacon, whole milk mozzarella & white sauce

The Woodlands Pizza 14
four eggs scrambled and cooked atop the pie, smoked mushrooms, truffle oil,
potatoes, whole milk mozzarella & white sauce

Apple Carrot Cake Pretzel Bread Pudding 8
topped with malted cream cheese icing

bacon 3
fingerling potato fries 3
fennel sausage gravy 3
crumbled fennel sausage 2
crumbled bacon 1.5
two eggs 3

Morning Drinks

Pine Box Bloody Mary 8
add ...

shrimp +1.5
meatball +1
bacon Strip +1
get it all with The Works! 11

Mimosa 7
orange juice & Cava

Passion Fruit Mimosa 8
orange juice & Cava & passion fruit syrup

Brit’s Breakfast 8
Earl Grey infused gin, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, & simple syrup

Raspberry Beret 10
Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic, vodka, & lemon juice topped with cava

Bright Eyes 9
Vida mescal, Zappopan reposadao, passion fruit syrup, & orange juice

Williams & Walker (Chef’s Choice) 8
shot of Evan Williams black label whiskey &
a pint of Firestone Walker DBA

Michelada 7
spices, tomato juice & lager over ice

Café con Whiskey 8
coffee, whiskey, whip cream, & a cup